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The crankcase breather

Alright Ladies.....Time to learn to service the crankcase breather. The F6-C Assault Bike  FM (owners manual) requires this to be serviced every 2000 miles. The only tool needed for this operation is a small container to catch the nasty crud in.

First step ladies is to....NO TALKING IN THE RANKS PRIVATE!!!!NOW GET DOWN AND KNOCK OUT 20 PUSHUPS!!!!!!.......As I was the container under the right side of the Assault Bike.

Locate the 3 hoses hanging down under the bike. Two will be black and one clear with a plug in the end and a clamp on it...this one is the Crankcase Breather Drain. With your fingers squeeze the tabs on the clamp together loosening the clamp and move it up the hose. Then with the cup under the hose remove the plug from the end and.....

.........drain the nasty crud into the cup. Replace the plug and the clamp and you are through.   Message Board    ShopTalk    Just Pics    Valkyrie Hot Links