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Plugging a Flat tire


Troops.....before we get started ya need to know a couple of important things.....

1:    Riding on a plugged tire is NEVER as safe as riding on an undamaged one, therefore a plug should be considered a temporary fix until you can get the assault bike to a dealer for repair or replacement of the tire.

2:    The less tread you have on the tire the less surface the plug has to grip. If you have little tread left on the tire either call a wrecker or make sure you use the green slime in addition to the plug and ride slowly and immediately to get the tire fixed/replaced. I have had a flat at's an enlightening experience.


So ya picked up some road trash and got a flat huh? Well troop, listen to Sgt Joe and we'll get ya back on the mission.

First lets get our plug gun ready for the operation. Remove the gun, plugs, probe, oil, and plugs from the pouch.

Remove the barrel of the gun from the front of the probe by unscrewing it.

Release the plunger in the gun by pressing on the lever at the rear of the gun. The plunger will pop out of the rear of the gun.

Thoroughly coat the plug with oil and load it in the gun like you was loading a mortar.

Use the barrel of the gun to load the plug all the way into the chamber, then screw the barrel onto the gun.

Now locate and remove the offending object. If it's a screw like ya see here use a screwdriver to back it out. If it's a piece of metal then use pliers to pull it out. If the tire is sliced instead of punctured DON'T try to fix it, call a wrecker. When you remove the object you will most likely lose all the air in the tire.

Now insert the probe all the way into the hole...HEY NUMBSKULL!!!!!! YOU WANNA WATCH THAT CAMERA ANGLE MAGGOT????? DROP!! DROP!! DROP!! PUSH YOUR WAY TO CHINA BONGO!!!!!!

Pull out the probe and insert the barrel of the gun into the hole. Squeeze the trigger of the gun 5-6 times completely until the end of the plunger moves to within an inch of the back of the gun. Release the plunger and repeat. Release the plunger again, and as you start to squeeze the trigger pull back on the pistol. repeat until the plug is out of the pistol and sticking out of the tire.

Use the knife in the kit to cut the stem of the plug even with the tread of the tire.


Use the tire valve tool included with the green slime to remove the valve stem and squirt the green slime into the tool through the valve, then replace the valve stem. (sorry no pics troops)


Hook the compressor up to the tire and inflate to the recommended tire pressure.

Spray some soapy water (No...that's not 409 in that bottle) on the plug and look for bubbles which indicate a leak, then go for a short ride to distribute the green slime and seal everything up.   Message Board    ShopTalk    Just Pics    Valkyrie Hot Links