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  • Title Page- Air Filter Change
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Air Filter Change


Parts:  Air filter.                                                                                     

 Tools: Screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, tank removal tools.

1.      Remove the fuel tank. See Tank Removal instructions.

2.      Remove the 2 rear screws on the air filter housing and set them aside.

3.      Loosen the remaining 7 screws all the way, leaving them in place in the cover.

4.      Lift off the air filter cover taking note of the rubber gasket (top)

5.      Replace the air filter. Be sure the lower rubber gasket is in place.

6.      Install the air filter cover being sure that the top rubber gasket is in place. To insert the top gasket you can turn the cover upside down without the 7 screws falling out. Use a screwdriver to push the gasket into its groove so that it is well seated and won’t drop out when you turn the cover over to install it.

7.      Tighten all 9 screws.

8.      Install the fuel tank.


Hint: With a helper you can change the filter while he holds up the "empty" tank.  Loosen petcock lever & mounts first and lift front of tank use a stubby screwdriver.

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