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  • Title Page- Final Drive Gear Oil Change
  • Original Author- Carl Kulow

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Final Drive Gear Oil Change

Parts                                                                                       Tools

synthetic gear oil 75W-90                                                       funnel, narrow neck

drain plug washer                                                                   clear tygon tubing

                                                                                                measuring cylinder

                                                                                                17mm box wrench


                                                                                                oil drain pan


1.   Set the bike on its sidestand on a level surface

2.   Place oil drain pan under drain plug (right side of rear tire)

3.   Place a rag on the tire to catch any dripping gear oil

4.   Remove the drain plug, 17mm box wrench do not lose the washer located under the drain plug. Replace this crush washer every other time.

1.      Remove the filler cap to help draining do not lose the o-ring

2.      Let drain for ~10 min.

3.      Straddle the bike and hold it upright or tip very slightly to the right to drain the last of the oil

4.      Clean the sludge and metal filings off the drain plug with the tip of a rag and perhaps a blast of carb or brake cleaner

5.      Install the drain plug with its washer - 14 (20 Nm)


Hint:     Clear tygon tubing is available at most hardware stores and makes filling the final drive very easy with the right saddle bag in place. You need approximately 2 feet of tubing (OD ~9/16; ID ~3/8) that will fit over the neck of your funnel and also into the filler opening.  Measuring cylinders are available at camera stores that sell darkroom supplies.


6.      Thread the tygon tubing behind the right side saddle bag and into the filler opening

7.      Insert the funnel into the other end of the tygon tubing

8.      Measure 150cc (5.1oz) of synthetic gear oil 75W-90 (Mobil, Spectro, Amsoil, etc.)

9.      Pour the gear oil into the funnel and let it drain down the tubing into the final drive


Hint:     With the bike held vertical, 150cc comes to just below the inside lower edge of the filler hole not flowing out the filler opening with the bike on its sidestand


10.  Install the oil filler cap with the o-ring in place 9 (12 Nm)

11.  Wipe any spilled gear oil off the tire and wheel

12.  Check for any oil leaks after your next ride

The author has done his best to produce accurate information
however; neither he nor the editor nor the web publisher can assume
liability for any damage or injury caused by any errors or omissions in this manual
Use good sense and at your own risk!

ISBN F6-1520CC

First Edition Copyright:  1997-2001 All Valkyrie Riders

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