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  • Title Page- Engine Oil and Filter Change
  • Original Author- Carl Kulow

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Engine Oil and Filter Change


Parts                                                                                       Tools

oil filter                                                                                     oil filter tool

4 qts. oil (10W-40 or Mobil 1 15W-50)                                    ratchet

drain plug washer                                                                   torque wrench

                                                                                                17mm socket

                                                                                                funnel or oil spout

                                                                                                rubber gloves


                                                                                                oil drain pan


1.      Be sure engine is hot (go for a short ride)

2.      Place oil drain pan under drain plug (bottom right side of engine)

3.      Wear rubber gloves - oil is carcinogenic, plus when you accidentally touch the hot headers!!! or get hot oil!!! on your hands it wont hurt as much

4.      Remove the oil drain plug, 17mm socket do not lose the washer located under the drain plug. Replace this crush washer every other time.

5.      Remove the oil filter (front right of engine), oil filter tool and ratchet

6.      Remove the oil filler cap (~6 inches above the right foot peg) to help draining

7.      Let drain for ~10 min.

8.      Straddle bike and hold upright or tip very slightly to the right to drain last of the oil

9.      Install the drain plug with its washer and torque to 25 (34 Nm)

10.  Apply a thin coat of oil to the new oil filter rubber gasket

11.  Install the new oil filter and torque to 7 ft. lb. (10 Nm) or give it - 1 turn after first contact

12.  Remove the oil filler cap be careful not to lose the o-ring

13.  Add 3.75 3.9 qts. of oil (NOT 4 qts.!!!) using funnel or oil spout

14.  Install the oil filler cap

15.  Run engine at idle for 2 3 min.

16.  Wait ~5 min.; straddle bike to hold it upright and check to be sure the oil level is at the upper mark on the dipstick dipstick NOT screwed in

17.  Check for any oil leaks at filter and drain plug

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Use good sense and at your own risk!

ISBN F6-1520CC

First Edition Copyright:  1997-2001 All Valkyrie Riders

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