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Spark Plugs

Parts                                                                                       Tools

spark plugs                                                                             spark plug socket

                                                                                                short extension                                                                                                                       ratchet

                                                                                                compressed air                                                                                                                       spark plug gauge                                                                                                                   anti-seize

                                                                                                torque wrench



  1. Remove the spark plug caps
  2. Blow compressed air around the plug well there is often dirt here that can fall into the cylinder when you remove the spark plug!!!


Note: If you do not have an air compressor, you can get a compressed air tank at any Xmart automotive department, or you can get a small can of compressed air at any photo or computer supply store.       


  1. Remove the spark plugs and check each for abnormalities carbon or oil deposits, burned electrodes, etc.
  2. Check and set the gap on the new spark plugs to .031 - .035 inch gap (.8 - .9mm) using a wire spark plug gauge
  3. Apply a tiny amount of anti-seize to the spark plug threads
  4. Install the plugs by hand using only the spark plug socket and the short extension to avoid any possibility of crossthreading them
  5. Torque the plugs to 12 (16 Nm)
  6. Push the spark plug wire caps firmly onto the spark plugs

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