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Valk/Schwinn Speed Computer
By:  Ross Spoonland

I installed a Schwinn SC-8 bike computer on my Valkyrie to give me some additional trip information.  The SC-8 displays the following: mph, distance, clock, odometer, riding time, average speed, max speed.  It is easily calibrated and is capable of displaying triple digits. 

Since this computer is designed for bicycles with spokes I had to modify the magnet mount.  I used a small piece of strapping drilling two appropriate sized holes chamfering the hole for the magnet screw.  The shank of the magnet where the screw screws into also had to be cut down to provide the proper clearance between the magnet and pickup sensor. 

The instrument head mounts easily to the handle bar with an adjustable clamp.  MPH is displayed continuously on the upper portion while the other readings are scrolled to by pressing the button and are displayed below in smaller digits.

I chose to mount  the pickup sensor  with a heavy nylon tie strap...could use epoxy for a cleaner look. 
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