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Easy Glass Pack Mod

The first thing you want to do after taking your pipes off is make a cut about 3" back from the end of the header. UPDATE! We have found that you can leave 1.5" of the stock pipe and it will work just fine, and it will be easier to slide the Truck Stack over the stock pipe. Take the end you cut off and chuck it, you won't be needing it. Now here is where the fun part starts. You will need two 3" pieces of pipe and two 2" pipe couplers and a little bit of 1/8" plate. UPDATE! You can still use the 3" pipe as the collector, but if you can find some flat washers for a 1.5" bolt you can use this instead of cutting out the plate for your cap. The O.D. of the washer is the same as the O.D. of the 3" pipe.   What you are going to do is weld the 3" pipe to the headers and then the plate on top of the 3" and then cut a hole just under the size of the 2" and then weld it on top of the plate. The pics will say it better than I did. What you have just done is create a double wall at the header and a collector.
There is another way to do it, and that would be to buy a 3" by 2" bell reducer and then weld the 2" coupler on the end of that. I just used what I had on hand at the time. Now you can change from strait pipes to glass packs when ever you want.

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Now what you want to do is take a 2" pipe nipple and cut it in half and weld one end to the glass pack. Make sure you get this strait with the glass pack or it won't thread in right. You can make up a strait pipe too that will replace the glass pack when you want to show up them Harley boys. The sound is killer.

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Now for the killer part. Go down to your local truck supply and buy a 4" OD by 36" (36" will bring you right to the back of the fender) truck stack, strait, turnout or slash cut, whatever you like.  This should run you about 140.00 bucks for both of them. Now slide the stacks over your pipes and make sure they are tight to the chrome cover on the headers and clocked right. Mark your holes with a Magic Marker and drill a 5/16" hole. Run a 5/16" by 1" bolt through the inside of the pipe and then put a nut on the back side. UPDATE! If you pull a tape from the end of the pipe to the first hole, it measures 4 5/16", the next hole 7 5/8". You can lay a piece of angle iron on the top of the truck stack to make sure you have a strait line.


Now your ready to bolt the covers up. This makes a real clean look and makes it easy to change your packs. I have ran over 20,000 miles with this set up and everything is holding up fine.

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