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  • Title Page- Fan Switch
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Fan Switch


Parts: radio shack #272-345  miniature lamp
     #175-324  switch

This  is a simple hook up to the existing  fan thermo switch, located at right side of radiator bottom.  You don't have to solder this ,just wrap it around the post then push the connector back on. One wire goes  to a switch contact, the other wire on the switch goes to ground.  Mount the switch where it is easy to get to. On my Tourer, I mounted  it between the windshield bracket.  It's  hard to notice it.  On the Interstate it goes easily on the dash.  If you put the lamp across two terminals on switch it will give you a indication when fan is on, but the light will go out then when it is off.  The light comes on when the fan is off, so yes, the  light will be on most of the time.   Message Board    ShopTalk    Just Pics    Valkyrie Hot Links