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Installing Truck Stacks

This page offers some tips on installing the DynaFlex truck stacks from Airflow Systems. 

Order the four inch OD (outside diameter) diameter version, approximately 36 inches in length (adjust to taste).  The pictured stacks are part # 24P-40036CP.

Remove the stock tips and muffler covers.  Remove the exhaust.

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Remove the retention plates for the muffler covers.  I used a cold chisel and a 2 lb. dead blow mallet.

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Grind down the spot welds for the retention plates.  I used a file.

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Grind down any other spot welds as required.

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Now it's time to prepare the stacks.  Take a piece of 2 inch wide masking tape, approximately 9 inches long.  Apply to one end of the stack.  Apply more tape around this piece to protect the chrome while cutting.  Mark the edges around the center piece of tape with a magic marker so you can see the joint when the metal starts flying.

Put on some protective eyewear.  I placed the stacks on a towel to help minimize scratching from rolling the stack around on debris from cutting.  Take a jigsaw and cut around the tape.  This should leave a 9" X 2" inch slot for the engine hangars.  Dress the cut with a file or grinder to remove any rough edges.

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Slip the stacks over the ends of the pipes. It may take some work – the fit is tight.  I put a pillow on the floor and “piledrove” the pipes into the stacks.  I also "greased" the mufflers with bar soap to avoid a fire hazard.

No screws of any kind should be needed.  Paint the insides of the pipes with flat black barbeque paint.

Nice.  Clean.

The extra volume of the stacks changes the exhaust note slightly and reduces the sound to the rider on the open road.  DynaFlex stacks are very heavy -- I couldn't believe how heavy they were when I picked up the UPS package! -- so they will add a couple of pounds to your bike.  The chroming and finish is flawless.  All in all, I give them a 10 out of 10.   Message Board    ShopTalk    Just Pics    Valkyrie Hot Links