Ride to
Joshua Tree

with the
VRCC-SoCalVest7-3-01-432.jpg (71573 bytes)

Our hosts
Thom & Doc
Thom Valk .jpg (197411 bytes)Doc & Donna Hathaway.jpg (229664 bytes)
and their support crew
Joshua Tree Kathy & Donna.jpg (246632 bytes)
have been stackin rocks for a long time in the desert
creating Joshua Tree Monument just for our ride.
There is a $5.00 charge per person to get into the monument.

They need our help!
onmore.jpg (6012 bytes)
They have 1 more rock to go!
(of course, it goes on top of the pile!)

Along da way they'll show us a
jtrees.gif (63662 bytes)  
joshuatree.jpg (2744 bytes)
stack of rocks in scenery
you won't believe!
And we might even find a chuckwagon
Hidden in them there Rocks!!

Thom & Doc
have even set up a VRCC BunkHouse in
Palm Springs
so you can spend the night with the

Rich & Famous!

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