Rune / Wing Overlay


Unit Pro-Link(r) rear suspension inspired by Honda's MotoGP racer, the RC211V.
Trailing-link front suspension.
Fuel-injection system with six 32mm throttle bodies.
Seamless 6.2-gallon fuel tank.
Integrated front brake and clutch master cylinders.
LED taillight flush-mounted in the rear fender.
Remote steering lock is automatically unlocked when the key is turned to the On position.
A 68.9-inch wheelbase, the longest in Honda's lineup.
Largest front and rear brake discs ever fitted on a production Honda motorcycle.


Liquid-cooled horizontally-opposed fuel-injected 1832cc six-cylinder engine provides the ultimate in hot-rod style and performance.
Six 32mm synchronized throttle bodies deliver air to six specially designed Denso(r) 12-hole programmed fuel injectors, producing an atomized fuel mixture that is highly combustible for optimum efficiency and power.
Parallel two-valve cylinder head design utilizes direct shim-under-bucket valve actuation and requires no 600-mile service. First valve clearance inspection is at 32,000 miles.
6.9-liter airbox supplies a large volume of cool, clean air to the engine for maximum performance.
Rigid-mount engine designed to accent the impressive looks and feel of the unrivaled, largest-displacement F6 engine.
Chrome cylinder head covers give a unique muscle-car image.
Two front mounted radiators with chrome cover provide optimum cooling efficiency for increased engine performance and the ultimate in hot-rod style.
Rotary Air Control Valve(tm) (RACV) provides auto-choke function and maintains precise idle control under widely varying engine loads and operating temperatures.
Six-into-two exhaust system for the ultimate in hot-rod appearance and sound.
Maintenance-free hydraulic clutch, electronic ignition, chain-driven camshafts and shaft drive reduce servicing time and cost.
Powerful, 1100-watt alternator offers plenty of power for electrical accessories.
Quiet and virtually maintenance-free shaft-drive.
Smooth shifting five-speed transmission.


Unique aluminum diamond-shape frame has a style all its own, and features the longest wheelbase in Honda's lineup at 68.9 inches.

Trailing bottom-link front suspension transfers axle load through pushrods and linkage to two upper shocks-one housing the main spring and one a sub-spring and damping system. This unique suspension system offers 3.9 inches of compliant travel and superior stability.

New Unit Pro-Link rear suspension is patterned after RC211V GP racer's. The upper shock mount is contained within the swingarm rather than the frame. With no top frame-mount for the shock, this unique system eliminates negative suspension energy from being transmitted into the frame, allowing optimum frame rigidity and better handling in corners. The Unit Pro-Link design also permits a low seat height of 27.2 inches, and 3.9 inches of wheel travel.

Dual 330mm front and single rear 336mm disc brakes are the largest used on any production Honda.

The Rune's Linked Brake System (LBS(tm)) features two three-piston front calipers and a single two-piston rear caliper. Rider application of the front brake lever activates the two outer pistons of the front calipers. Application of the rear brake pedal activates the two pistons of the rear caliper and the center pistons of the front calipers. When only the rear brake pedal is used, a PCV valve controls hydraulic pressure and smooths application of the front calipers' center pistons.

Large, comfortable gunfighter-style seat.

* Exclusive model features chrome plated wheels for ultimate custom appearance.
Deluxe model features silver painted wheels for custom look.
Large-section radial tires-a 180/55R-17 rear and 150/60R-18 front-provide superb grip and an excellent ride.

Additional Features

Remote steering lock system is activated by pulling a lever on left side of motorcycle. With key in Off position and handlebars in full-lock-left position, a piston is inserted into the steering stem. System is automatically unlocked when key is turned to On position.

* Chrome plated clutch master cylinder, front brake master cylinder and lever.
* Stainless steel mesh throttle cable adds to custom look.
* Stainless steel mesh brake hose.
* Seamless 6.2-gallon fuel tank for genuine custom look.
Distinctive chrome headlight features two 55-watt H7 bulbs. In low-beam operation, the upper bulb is on, select high beam and both bulbs are on for maximum illumination.
Digital tank-mounted instruments are recessed, and feature a non-glare digital readout for speedometer, fuel gauge, tripmeter and odometer.

Two handlebar options to choose from: one for taller riders, with slightly more reach, and one for medium-height riders.
Handlebar-mounted indicator lights for oil level, fuel injection, high beam, turn signal, neutral, oil temperature and locking system.

* LED taillights are mounted flush in the rear fender for a Neo-Classic look.
Low, 27.2-inch seat height adds to long and low custom look.
Convenient push-to-cancel turn-signal switch.
Handlebar switches and controls use internationally approved ISO graphic symbols.
* Large-diameter custom handgrips feature a new design with comfortable rubber strips integrated in a stainless steel finish.
* Machined stainless steel oil-level gauge.
* Chrome plated radiator cover gives hot-rod look.
California version meets CARB 2004 emission standards.
Assembled in Marysville, Ohio.
Transferable unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.

Ownership includes one-year complimentary Membership in the Honda Rider's Club of America(tm). Benefits include discounts, travel benefits, roadside assistance and much more. For HRCA(r) details, call 1-800-847-HRCA.

* Honda First--Represents the first use of a significant technology on a mass-production motorcycle.


Model: NRX1800
Engine Type: 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder
Bore and Stroke: 74mm x 71mm
Compression Ratio: 9.8:1
Valve Train: SOHC; two valves per cylinder
Carburetion: PGM-FI with automatic choke
Ignition: Computer-controlled digital with three-dimensional mapping
Transmission: Five-speed
Final Drive: Shaft

Front: Trailing bottom-link; 3.9 inches of travel
Rear: Unit Pro-Link with single shock; 3.9 inches of travel

Front: Dual full-floating 330mm discs with three-piston calipers
Rear: Single 336mm disc with two-piston caliper

Front: 150/60R-18 radial
Rear: 180/55R-17 radial

Wheelbase: 68.9 inches
Seat Height: 27.2 inches
Dry Weight: 769.6 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 6.2 gallons
Colors: Illusion Blue, Black, Candy Black Cherry