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Something to consider.  Lithium ion battery technology and carbon-fiber electrically conductive heating elements or infrared heating panels make (rechargeable) Battery Operated heated clothing something to consider.  You won't get as warm and the heat won't last as long (so take spare batteries), but it may be just enough to get you through (and you won't have to wire your bike - and can move the clothing from bike to bike).



Using Pliable and flexible hair-thin micro-fiber heating elements,
VentureHeat has 12V Jacket Liners, Pant Liners, Gloves and boot insoles.  They

also have lithium ion battery heated gloves and jacket liners (no wiring,
easy bike to bike transfers, wear it off the bike and stay warm - but get extra




Utilizing Far Infared technology and Carbon Nanocore (carbon nanotube). heating elements, the Powerlet Proform Heated Jacket Liner, Powerlet Heated Glove Liners and the Powerlet Dual Wireless Temperature Controller may be the new Hot Ticket.



At least one manufacturer, Tourmaster, currently uses carbon-fiber in their gloves, vests and pants.  The vest is well rated, the gloves are not.

First Gear has carbon-fiber gloves (men only), but their jacket liners are heated wire.


The rest of the heated clothing vendors use heated wire technology. 


Gerbing has a new and likely better approach to the traditional heated wire called MicrowireMicrowire is a ribbon of Teflon-coated stainless steel wires made up of many .000472 in. strands running through the front, back, sleeves and collar of their Heated Jacket Liner and through the fingers and hand of their Gloves.  These wires heat instantly.  Traditional heated wire is .078 in. thick, Microwire is .025 in. thick.  Microwire is lighter, stronger, more flexible, and heats significantly quicker.     


We have personal experiance with and believe the best traditional heated wire stuff comes from:

Warm and Safe makers of the original heat troller controls and excellent jacket liners, gloves and controls.  They make stuff for other retailers.  We have their jacket liners and gloves and can recommend their products.


The next best heated wire stuff and the only Microwire stuff comes from:  

Gerbing which makes a full line of heated clothing Microwire including gloves and glove liners (or they will wire your own gloves for $79) and socks (which are difficult to walk on so save your money).  We had the heated wire gloves (which I replaced with Warm and Safe gloves) and socks (which have been replaced with insoles).  They also make "Core Heat" (they call it microwave) clothing and gloves that are battery (not 12v) operated.  The second link is a review of Gerbing's heated wire liner.  The third link is a review of Gerbing's Microwire gloves



First Gear makes heated gloves, jacket liners and pants.


Jett makes the best battery operated (non 12v) vest utilizing infrared heated panels.  The second link is a review.

EXOČ  makes an excellent (if pricey) vest, jacket and glove utilizing a wireless "self regulating" heating fabric.  The third link is a review.


After that you can pretty much take your pick.  In no particular order, here is a current list.

Powerlet makes heated jackets, vests, gloves and power connectors.

Warm Gear has heated panel jackets, vests, pants and gloves.

Chilli makes a vest distributed by Sargent.

Aerostich has a vest and a liner.

1st Heat has jackets, chaps and vests.

Links to Battery Operated Everything:

Extreme Comfort has battery operated boot heaters and glove liners.

Brookstone markets battery operated, infrared heating panels, jackets, vests and glove liners.
(just search on heated jacket and heated glove liner)

A.J.Prindel markets a similiar less expensive battery operated, infrared heating panels, heated vest.

Giali has jackets, waistcoats, vests, harness, gloves, socks, trousers, grip covers.

Kustom Komfort has DYI heating systems for clothing.

Internet BMW Riders instructions for making your own heated clothing.

Body Warmer has a vest and a very odd full body heating strip.

BMW and HD have vests, available at their dealerships.


The reviews were taken from Web Bike World.  They review just about everything you can think of.


Good Hunting - Warm Riding

 (If you know of other Manufacturers of Heated Motorcycle clothing, drop me a line and I'll add them to the list.) 

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