Relay Home

Finally were on our way with the tools or applications that will let us get going on the Valkyrie Relay, carrying Thor's Hammer and the sign able Banner across Europe, Canada and America.  There is a page to sign-up as a volunteer or a rider or both. There is a message board just for communication and development of ideas on how to make this all work.

There is also a PRIVATE who's participating page listing all who have signed-up. Only those who have signed-up will have access to this page for privacy reasons, (so they don't get spammed to the max!). We've also taken precautions to keep this page out of the search engines and away from email collectors using some HTML and META commands.

I hope I've developed all the tools we need to make this happen. I'm happy to be including the Europeans as they expressed a desire to be part of this undertaking. And especially happy about the Canadians who want to participate; I see a lot of hand-offs at the U.S. and Canadian border!

So go check it out, sign-up if you want to participate. We need both riders and volunteers. Volunteers would be doing coordination management, a few examples...

Like contacting local media of the areas we're riding through.

Web work like keeping the maps updated as to where our riders are at with the "Baton".

More web work posting photos as they come in of the riders and the places they seen.

Live communications between all the riders out there in America, Canada and Europe to keep the mission moving forward.

We also need your hospitality when riders of Thor's Hammer are running through your area, sort of guardian angels available for any problems our riders may have.

And more. ..  So we need your ideas, your experience, your volunteerism, your hospitality, your riding skills and maybe more. It's going to take a lot of work to make this happen but I think it will unite us as we watch on the boards and on the maps the progression of our mission!

Thanks in advance for all who jump into this adventure; I know we'll make some lifetime memories.

Relay Home