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This is an effort to carry a token, being a hammer or banner across the World. There will be one Hammer or Banner, first carried through North America ending on July 21, 2004 in Paducah, Kentucky at InZane 4.
From there, we plan to hand it off to a representative from Europe.  After Europe, the Hammer will move on to any other countries that want to participate.  Australians have already expressed an interest in taking it on a trip around Down Under.  Many other countries have expressed their desire to escort the Hammer, as well.
The relay kicked off from Southern California on January 24 2004.  The goal is to have the relay/banner hit all the countries possible and have it back in time for InZane 5.
Just click on one of the buttons to check it out or get involved.  Join us... be a part of history!
A little history to bring you all up to speed.  The original idea was to carry some token from SoCal to Maine.  As our members read the idea, they came up with a new concept... to have it touch each state... which lead to making each of the extreme 4 corners of the U.S.  Then the Canadian's came in, so now we’re going through each Province that borders the U.S. (except Manitoba, where we didn’t have anyone request to ride).
We were also contacted by our members in Europe, Australia, and many other countries... so the plan was revised again to include them.
The Token became a banner per members' suggestions.  A banner that could be signed by each rider and his companions who move the relay along.
Then a suggestion was made to have each state "pin" the cover of the banner... so, now we're doing that too.
This idea took off like wild fire, it was growing so quickly, that we knew we had to get it going ASAP.  So, things got put together as quickly as humanly possible and the banner hit the road on Sat, January 24th.

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