Valhalla Voyage
Through Vinland


A Tribute to the Legendary Valkyrie
By Willow

What is Valhalla Voyage? It's a relay across North America, and we need your help! Read on and we'll tell you what its all about!

Dag Verpeide of Norway has provided us with a pair of Viking Tankards. They quite appropriately have dragons as their handles. We are planning to relay those around North America starting with the VRCC head office in San Dimas, California and ending at Inzane VIII in Johnson City, Tennessee. The relay will also carry a VRCC banner and a log book of sorts that participants can sign and enter comments. There will be a fabric bag in which to transport the banner to which each states delegation may, if they desire, attach a state pin.

The objectives of the relay are twofold. The first is obviously to ferry the artifacts around the country, passing them through the hands of as many VRCC members as possibly. In keeping with that goal we will be posting updates on where the banner is along the way.

The second, and possibly more important goal, is to provide a reason for interaction, socializing, and the sharing of a common task between VRCC members throughout North America.

We are really excited about the Valhalla Voyage, but things are moving rather quickly. If you would like to be involved, go to the Vahalla Voyage Across Vinland Home Page by clicking here.

A schedule has been forged, to keep us on track for Inzane VIII. Keep an eye on it so you know when the Voyage will pass through your area.