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--Frisco-- Texas VRCC --Everywhere Texas Project--


Jeff (Wanderer) and Linda had the first pic in for Frisco. Photo by Terry (Subman)

Dave Garb has the best pic in for Frisco. That's his 2000 Standard in the pic.

Dave Garb again...He writes: Frisco was “formed” in 1902, and incorporated in 1908. This is a picture of the original Curtsinger’s Drug Store. It was built in 1922. I don’t know when Curtsinger’s closed, but the building served as City Hall from 1977 until 2006. Incidentally, the building has some minor architectural significance due to the “angled” entrance.

Dave Garb's Standard at the new Frisco City Hall.

Okay guys and gals, submit your pictures and information. Get a picture of your Valkyrie in front of something with the city's name. Be creative! Be fun! Include a short bio and or city information, Valkyrie info/year/name and other stuff...

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